The Brisbane Automotive and Touring Exhibition occupies a unique position as the only automotive-oriented event in Australia that focuses on the highly lucrative, linked worlds of motoring, motorcycling, motor sport and various custom auto cultures.

A dedication to creating a world-class showcase and, importantly, maintaining a broad, all-things-automotive view offers outstanding value for exhibitors, sponsors and the 25,000 strong crowd forecasted to be drawn to the show! The breadth and depth of the displays and interactive activities, a dynamic entertainment schedule and outstanding features, competitions and fun activities for kids will ensure that the Automotive & Touring Exhibition is a ‘must do’ weekend of automotive brilliance for the automotive enthusiast and the whole family.

Why take part in Australia’s Automotive & Touring Exhibition?
Our 25,000+ visitors are your target audience and your customers.

We can’t deliver Australia’s greatest live entertainment automotive event without  the support of our partners and exhibitors, who we pride ourselves on working with collaboratively and creatively. This is your opportunity to be a part of a unique, experiential environment that showcases the most engaging and interactive of the automotive industry. The Brisbane Automotive & Touring Exhibition provides an unparalleled platform that offers exhibitors and partners unprecedented levels of audience engagement. And we support you from start to finish – we will tailor your exposure and experience at the event to suit your company’s objectives and ensure your success.